Dr. Marko Lens Answers Your Questions on Melatonin B12

An exciting ingredient when it comes to skincare and based on the science of the cellular circadian rhythm, Dr. Lens’s innovative Melatonin B12 serum harnesses this power to maximise the skin’s natural repair.  

The cellular circadian rhythm works by co-ordinating biological processes, so they occur at the right time. Melatonin is a modulator of the circadian rhythm, which means it plays an important role in the process of skin repair and renewal.  

Paired with vitamin B12, which plays an important role in energy production, cell metabolism and DNA repair. Most of all, research shows vitamin B12 enhances melatonin’s activity. Plus, other restorative ingredients in the formula to support regeneration and long-term healthy skin in a silky, moisturising serum.  

Reducing visible signs of ageing, tiredness and stress, while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for smoother, radiant and younger-looking skin.  

We asked Dr. Lens more about Melatonin B12 and how it works. Plus, which Powers to use alongside.  

Melatonin B12

Q: Why Melatonin in skincare?
DR. LENS: “Melatonin is an ingredient that has not been used a lot in skincare - I think we were one of the pioneers. Melatonin has two major functions, on one hand it is involved in the circadian rhythm, and it helps natural skin renewal or repair and on the other hand, it’s a very good antioxidant”.

Q: What happens in the skin’s circadian rhythm?
DR. LENS: “When we say circadian rhythm, we all think about day and night, and that’s in fact what it is. It’s a rhythm that is controlled genetically, but during the day the skin usually has different needs than those that we have during the night. During the day, we are exposed to environmental factors and the most important thing is to have protection and that’s the reason why melatonin being a good antioxidant can provide the protection we need. At night when we like to say the skin is resting, as there are no external factors that are disturbing the skin, the repair is much more prominent - the skin is having a much faster repair and natural renewal. And therefore, Melatonin can promote that natural skin renewal during the night”.

Q: Why did you add B12 to the Advanced Repair Serum?
DR. LENS: “B12 is a vitamin from the B complex group and recently, I found studies that show that it enhances the activity of melatonin, which is why we added it to the formula.

Q: Is B12 the reason that the formula is pink?
DR. LENS: “The formula of Melatonin B12 is light pink; depending what quantity you put [vitamin B12] in, it will be a less intense or more intense shade of pink. It’s also a very delicate formula, in that the more you expose it to the sun and the more it’s kept in a warm place, the colour might slightly change and become darker so I would highly recommend that you keep the product in a cool and dark space. I can reassure you that colour changes do not affect the stability or efficacy of our products. We are using many plant extracts, many vitamins and many active ingredients, and we don’t use any artificial colours. We are using frosted glass and the colour of the product might change over time, but stay reassured that the efficacy and safety remain the same.”

Q: Who should be using Melatonin B12 Advanced Repair Serum?
DR. LENS: “Melatonin B12 is a great product, suitable for all skin types. It’s ideal for those who really want to repair and renew the skin. As we go into the summer period, we are exposed to the sun. Although we are using sun protection which is a must, you would have to also think about repair, and Melatonin is perfect for this, so when you return after being exposed to the sun, I would say that after cleansing the skin, this would be your first step”.

Q: Which Power would you pair with Melatonin B12 Advanced Repair Serum?
DR. LENS: “Melatonin B12 can be paired with all Powers; you could pair for example with Power C if you want to brighten the skin, and Power E if you are looking for more moisture.”

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