Guide to the Zelens Power Vitamin Alphabet

Unique to Zelens and developed by Dr. Marko Lens, the Powers are high-potency vitamin concentrates formulated to correct skin issues. Plus, when used alongside your serum, Powers help to enhance the results.  

Using a Power in your skincare routine also helps to personalise your routine, allowing you to adapt to your skin’s needs every day. We know skin can behave differently on a daily basis, so the Powers are designed to reflect this, meaning you could use a different Power everyday if needed.  

Designed to be lightweight for layering with the rest of your skincare, Powers are easy to incorporate into your routine. After cleansing, apply 2-3 pumps of your favourite Power to face, neck and décolleté. Then follow with your serum and moisturiser 

Here’s our guide to the Powers Vitamin Alphabet, helping you decide which Power suits your skin goals and concerns.  


Power A  

A highly potent vitamin A concentrate for smoother, more youthful looking skin. With liposome-encapsulated retinol and two retinoid esters at a combined concentration of 1%. Formulated with fermented botanicals with natural retinol-alternative activity. As well as squalane to prevent moisture loss and vitamin E to strengthen the skin barrier.  

Power A Vitamin A Concentrate

Power A helps to refine and smoothen skin texture while reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots and uneven skin tone. Plus, helps to clear blemishes and skin imperfections. Ideal for combination skins looking to target signs of ageing.  

How to use: after cleansing, apply 2-3 pumps face, neck and décolleté. 

Pairs well with Youth Intelligence: Dr. Lens’ age-defying serum inspired by Nobel-prize winning research based on the cells’ biological clock. Youth Intelligence helps to reduce visible signs of ageing, promote firmness and elasticity while plumping skin for the reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Leaving skin smoother, firmer, nourished and younger-looking.  

Together, Power A and Youth Intelligence refine skin texture and promote elasticity. Leaving skin plump, smooth and younger-looking.  

Apply 2-3 pumps of Youth Intelligence after Power A, then follow with your moisturiser.  


Power B  

Formulated with a biotechnologically advanced vitamin B complex, including B3 (niacinamide), B5, B6, B7, B9 and B12. This lightweight revitalising treatment helps to improve skin clarity, control excess oil and reduce the appearance of pores, while minimising the look of redness and blemishes.  

Power B Vitamin B Concentrate

Power B gives skin an instant boost of energy, awakening skin for a vibrant, healthy complexion. Use this Power if you have oily skin, or combination skin looking to boost dull complexions.  

How to use: after cleansing, apply 2-3 pumps face, neck and décolleté. 

Pairs well with Lumino: a powerful brightening serum with ingredients that work in synergy to target unwanted hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone. Added niacinamide helps with blackheads and enlarged pores. Leaving skin smoother, brighter and more radiant.  

Together, they control excess oil, reduce the appearance of pores and the look of blemishes. Skin is more radiant with a boost of energy.  

Apply 2-3 pumps of Lumino after using Power B, then follow with your moisturiser.  


Power C  

The glow giver in our Powers alphabet, Power C contains 20% highly stable vitamin C ester and is enriched with fermented botanicals naturally rich in vitamin C, such as acerola cherry, guava and blackcurrant. Dr. Lens formulated with an ester of ascorbic acid as it’s a very stable molecule without the side effects of oxidisation and at 20%, is the optimum concentration for results.  

Power C Vitamin C Concentrate

Power C boosts collagen production and promotes skin firmness and elasticity for a reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Revealing a visibly radiant, brighter skin tone. Add Power C into your routine for daily free radical protection and if you have normal or combination skin and your concerns are signs of ageing or dullness.  

How to use: after cleansing, apply 2-3 pumps face, neck and décolleté.  

Pairs well with Tea Shot: Dr. Lens’ ultimate antioxidant protection serum. This is a moistursing serum that helps to shield against environmental pollutants and stressors- combating the visible signs of ageing and dryness they cause. Leaving skin looking healthy, fresh and youthful.  

Together, Power C and Tea Shot prevent the damage caused daily by free radicals. For more youthful, brighter and hydrated skin.  

After using Power C, apply 2-3 pumps of Tea Shot and follow with your moisturiser.  


Power D  

Featuring Dr. Lens’ pioneering use of provitamin D3 and replenishing lipids similar to those already found in the skin, Power D helps to strengthen skin’s natural barrier and build its resilience to environmental stressors. A strong barrier acts as a shield for your skin against the damaging effects of the environment, including stress and pollutants. A weak or compromised barrier means skin is more prone to dryness, redness and sensitivity.  


Power D Vitamin D Concentrate

Power D intensely nourishes skin to leave it supple, plumper and healthy looking. You should use Power D in your routine if you have dry skin or you’re concerned about sensitivity.  

How to use: after cleansing, apply 2-3 pumps face, neck and décolleté. Alternatively, mix a pump of Powder D with your moisturiser.  

Pairs well with Omega Shiso: Formulated with our exclusive Omega Shiso Phytocomplex with enzyme activated Shiso oil and rich in omega 3-6-9. This silky serum intensely replenishes the skin with essential, naturally occurring lipids. Giving instant moisture, comfort and relief for soft, supple and soothed skin.  

Designed to work together for a strong skin barrier and to restore moisture levels. Ideal for using when skin is stressed or your barrier is compromised.  

After applying Power D, apply 2-3 pumps of Omega Shiso before following with your moisturiser. Or, mix a few drops of Power D with Omega Shiso and apply together.  


Power E:  

A complex of vitamin E (tocopherol), 4 types of tocopherol esters and tocotrienols with botanicals such as sunflower seed and avocado fruit in a soothing, moisturising serum. Working to nourish skin by replacing lost moisture and comforting skin. Power E is also rich in antioxidants, giving skin protection against free radicals and helping to reduce the visible signs of ageing caused by oxidative damage.  

Power E Vitamin E Concentrate

Power E leaves skin soft, soothed and hydrated. All skin types can benefit from using in your routine if you have dry skin or if you’re concerned about dehydration.  

How to use: after cleansing, apply 2-3 pumps face, neck and décolleté.  

Pairs well with Melatonin B12: our advanced repair serum based on the synchronisation of the cellular circadian rhythm, featuring vitamin B12 to enhance the activity of the melatonin. Helping to maximise the skin’s natural repair for moisturised, restored and smooth skin. Plus, reducing visible signs of skin ageing, tiredness and stress.   

Together Power E and Melatonin B12 enhance skin’s natural repair and moisture for smoother, younger-looking skin. Also reinforcing the skin barrier for long-term healthy skin.  

After using Power E, apply 2-3 pumps of Melatonin B12 then follow with your moisturiser.  


If you encounter any unfamiliar terms, please visit Dr. Lens’ Skin Science Glossary here 

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