Zelens Guide to Skincare Layering

We understand how confusing it can be to know what order to apply products in your skincare routine, so here’s the Zelens guide to skincare layering.  

Your routine can be as many steps as you need it to be or may change from day to day depending on your skin concerns, what you’re using and the varying seasons. So, however many products your routine includes, here is the order to apply them in.  

An easy rule to follow is to apply your products by texture – so finer water-based formulations firstly and then layer your way to your thicker textures. These often will contain lipids or be emollients and typically ending with your moisturiser at night or SPF in the morning.  

Layering your products enables you to tackle multiple concerns effectively in one routine whilst also maintaining healthy skin. Some products, such as Omega Shiso and Power D, work together to enhance the effectiveness and your results.  

We like to recommend a cleanser, serum and moisturiser- plus a Power to boost your routine, based on your skin type and concerns.  


1 – Cleanse 

Every routine starts with an effective cleanse to clear any impurities, dirt, make-up or pollutants and ready the skin for the rest of your routine. It’s important for your cleanser not to strip your skin of any natural moisture and respect your skin’s natural moisture balance. Dr. Marko Lens has answered all our cleansing questions and you can read his cleanser recommendations here 

How to use: for Glacier Foam, apply 1-2 pumps into face and neck before rinsing off.  

For Shiso Balm, massage 1-2 pumps into dry skin then mix with water as it turns into a milk, before rinsing off or removing with a face cloth.   


2 – Exfoliate 

Whether you’re using our Instant Recharge mask or PHA+ Resurfacing Essence, here is where you’d use it in your routine. Including an exfoliating stage helps to remove dead skin cells for a brighter and smoother complexion.  

How to use: if you’re using PHA+, use a few drops onto a clean cotton pad before gently sweeping over face and neck. 

If using Instant Recharge, apply evenly over face and neck and leave on for 15 minutes before removing with a face cloth.  


3 – Mist 

If you’re using a mist to add some extra skin care nutrients into your routine, use it before applying your serums and powers and throughout the day to keep skin hydrated. Whether you’re using Microbiota P3 or Provitamin D3, you can use this step to add additional benefits to your routine such as balancing the skin’s microflora or strengthening the skin barrier and protecting against environmental aggressors.   

How to use: mist evenly over face and neck 2-3 times. You can even use over make-up for a quick refresh throughout the day.  


4 – Eyes  

Triple Action Eye Cream is powered by a complex of peptides, restorative ingredients and soothing botanicals. Working synergistically to target fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness and reduce signs of fatigue.  

How to use: dot and smooth a small amount around your eye area, following the natural curve of the eye bone.  


5 – Power 

This is your chance to boost and elevate your skin care results even further. Powers are super high-potency vitamin concentrates formulated to help correct skin issues and enhance the results from your serums. While helping to personalise your routine. We know your skin can behave differently on a daily basis, so therefore we have designed the powers to reflect this – use a different power every day if needed! the choice is yours. We’ve put a guide together to help you find your perfect Powers here.  

How to use: apply a few pumps face, neck and décolleté. 


6– Serum 

A staple part of your routine, serums are your chance to deliver daily a perfect blend of both botanicals and science led formulations to treat a multitude of skin concerns. Including dehydration, pigmentation, blemishes, signs of ageing and pollution protection. Haven’t decided which serum you should use in your routine? Find which serum suits your concerns here 

Although, the only exception here is when using Hyaluron IntenseThis is the only serum that should be applied before your Power due to Hyaluron Intense’s unique light texture ability to attract and retain moisture. Applying before your Power or moisturiser will help enhance your overall skin care results and hydrating benefits.

How to use: apply a few pumps face, neck and décolleté.  


7 – Moisturise 

Whether you’re selecting a lightweight cooling gel or a richer velvety cream, moisturising should be the last step in your routine (unless it’s your morning routine and then you should follow with sunscreen). Maintaining skin moisture and reducing water loss is key to an overall healthy skin. Our formulas also help to strengthen, fortify the skin barrier, plump and leave skin looking visibly more youthful.  

How to use: apply a generous amount to face, neck and décolleté.  


8 – Oil: or if you're doing your AM routine and applying your SPF, this would be applied instead of your oil.  

If you’re using Z-22 Ultimate Face Oil, we recommend using after your moisturiser. Adding Z-22 to your routine can help provide an instant boost of moisture, promote skin elasticity and help to protect from environmental aggressors for velvety-soft radiant skin. Using an oil at the end of your routine also helps to seal in all the wonderful ingredients you’ve just used.  

How to use: dispense a few pumps into your hand and massage into your face, neck and decollete. If you have time, we recommend holding your hands over your nose for a moment of calm and take the beautiful scent in before continuing to apply.  


9 – Lips  

Lip care is skincare too, so it’s important not to forget about this step, especially as the lips are the first area that will show the first signs of ageing. Lip Enhancer is a multi-benefit lip treatment that helps to visibly enhance moisture, volume and definition and giving a natural pop of pink as it works with the pH of your lips.

While Lip Treatment Oil replenishes moisture to keep lips soft and supple. Helping to smooth fine lines, improve lip texture and shape. Both help to protect against any environmental damage with antioxidants.  

How to use: use either Lip Enhancer or Lip Treatment Oil throughout the day as and when desired. Our top tip- use Lip Treatment Oil at night-time to revive and rejuvenate the delicate lip area.  

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