Acqua Shiso: Ingredient Deep Dive

Each and every Zelens skincare product is formulated by Dr. Marko Lens. Combining powerful, high-performance active ingredients, vital antioxidants with a unique blend of proven botanicals. And Acqua Shiso, the newest moisturiser in our line-up, is no exception.

Acqua Shiso

Rich in fermented green Shiso leaves, fortified with a low molecular weight of hyaluronic acid and natural plant-derived sugars - Acqua Shiso is ultra-light yet ultra-hydrating. Delivering an instant burst of hydration to thirsty skin and helping skin to retain vital moisture levels, skin will feel instantly refreshed, plumped and dewy.

Each ingredient in the Acqua Shiso formula plays its part, making it ideal for a plethora of skin types and concerns. Let’s shine a spotlight on each one and delve into the benefits.

Shiso (Perilla Frutenscens): also known as Japanese mint, Shiso has been used for years due to its ability to help prevent skin reactivity and soothe the most sensitive of skins. It also helps to replenish skin moisture, reinforce the skin’s natural barrier and maintain a healthy complexion.

Acqua Shiso

Hyaluronic Acid: a well-known ingredient for instant hydration. Dr Lens uses a low molecular weight in Acqua Shiso, which helps to improve skin moisture and maintain skin elasticity. Also supports skin suppleness by locking in moisture.

Glycerin: derived from vegetables, this ingredient extracts moisture from the air and helps to increase the amount of water within the surface layers of the skin. An excellent addition for a lightweight moisturiser.

Plant-derived ester: these originate from sweet almond oil. Helping to condition the skin with protective properties too.

Glycosaminoglycans: the body’s natural moisturisers. Helping to hold more moisture within the skin to help improve volume, elasticity, firmness and reduce redness.

Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis): juice from the aloe leaf. Although very well known for its soothing and wound healing abilities, aloe also shows moisturising, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant properties too.

Aloe Vera

Plant sugars: aids moisture retention and helps limit any water loss. These sugars also help to promote the natural production of hyaluronic acid, which is known for hydrating and helping to reduce the appearance of visible signs of ageing.

Yeast: yeast helps to enhance skin repair, revitalise and deliver amino-acids and essential minerals to the skin.

Silanols:  helps to stimulate collagen production, enhances cell communication and support regeneration.

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis): an extract taken from rosemary leaves, showing potent antioxidant and anti-microbial benefits. Helping to protect and reduce redness.


Not sure about some of the scientific wording in this post? Take a read of Dr. Lens’ Skin Science Glossary here.

Acqua Shiso is now available in 50ml.

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