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The starting point of every skincare routine, effective cleansing creates a blank canvas for the rest of your skincare. Here, Dr. Marko Lens shares why cleansing is important to skin health, his recommended cleanser for different skin types, and what his recommendation is for fans of double cleansing.

Q: Why is cleansing important?
DR. LENS: Cleansing is the important first step in any skincare routine. We know that exposure to environmental pollutants can cause damage that leads to premature ageing of the skin, so gently removing surface impurities in the morning and evening is paramount to maintaining good skin health. Your cleanser should be effective, but not steal away your skin’s natural moisture.

Q: There are two cleansers in the Zelens collection. Which would you recommend for different skin types and needs?
DR. LENS: If you have oilier skin, or dull skin in need of daily exfoliation, I recommend Glacier Foam. It is very effective thanks to mild AHAs, succinic acid and fruit enzymes, but it will not strip skin lipids, because it respects the skin’s moisture balance.

If you are experiencing dry or dehydrated skin, particularly in the winter months, or you want to pamper your skin in your daily routine, my suggestion for you is Shiso Balm. It is a beautiful liquid balm formula that gently removes both makeup and environmental pollutants, while boosting radiance.

Q: What would you recommend for those who like to double cleanse?
DR. LENS: For those who prefer double cleansing, our cleansers Glacier Foam and Shiso Balm are a perfect ritual to begin your nightly skincare regime. Shiso Balm is an ideal first cleanse to melt away impurities, followed by Glacier Foam as a second cleanse with a mild exfoliating effect.


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