In search of a warm weather go-to product? Look no further than the face mist - ideal for giving skin a boost post-cleanse, and for keeping skin refreshed and comfortable throughout the day.

Read on to find out from Dr. Lens which of his mist formulas is for you, and how to apply for best results.

Q: What is the main difference between Provitamin D3 Fortifying Mist and Microbiota P3 Balancing Mist?
DR. LENS: “Microbiota P3 is a mist containing prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics. It’s all about rebalancing the skin’s natural microflora. We have so many bacteria living on our skin, and this mist has a function to help keep a healthy balance of healthy bacteria on our skin. Its end result is essentially to protect the skin, and to achieve a nice protection of barrier function. Provitamin D3 is a mist where we are using provitamin D3, which has different functions for the skin - it protects, fortifies skin barrier function, and it’s a perfect product for people who want to really fortify the skin and for people who have different problems with the skin.”

Q: Do you recommend misting directly onto the skin or applying into hands and pressing into skin?
DR. LENS: “My favourite application of the mist is to keep it approximately 15cm away from the face, and press our beautiful mist pump all the way down in one motion. This will uniformly spread the mist across the face.”

Q: Which skin type should use each mist?
DR. LENS: “Both mists can be used by any skin type, the question is simply what you want to achieve. If you are looking for radiance and protection, I would say to go with Microbiota P3; if you want to strengthen the skin barrier and fortify the skin, then I would go with Provitamin D3.”

Q: Where in your skincare routine should you use the mists?
DR. LENS: ”Mists can be used in different ways. You can use the mist in a daily regime, where you would cleanse the skin, apply the mist and wait for it to absorb, and then go ahead with your regime. Or, you can simply apply the mist throughout the day whenever you need. The only problem is, it’s never enough!”

Provitamin D3 Fortifying Mist

Microbiota P3 Balancing Mist

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