With the easing of lockdowns in sight, it is a good time to review our skincare routines. As the world opens up and we start to spend more time outside, our skin is more frequently faced with external aggressors and pollutants, so ensuring you have a routine in place that protects, and repairs is vital.

We caught up with Dr. Lens to find out which ingredients and products he recommends everyone should be using in preparation for the end of lockdown.

Q: How should we be changing our routines for when we eventually come out of lockdown?
DR. LENS: “Always look for ingredients that are repairing and protecting, for example vitamin D, phospholipids, ceramides, glycolipids, omegas and probiotics. And also, botanical polyphenols which offer strong antioxidant protection”.  

Q: How can we hydrate and protect skin from pollution and other external aggressors?
DR. LENS: “The most important thing is to use products that contain botanicals with active molecules that are fighting free radicals created by environmental aggressors. And of course, always remember that the last step in your skincare regimen must be the use of broad-spectrum SPF 30”.

Q: Which products would you recommend for an end of lockdown skincare routine?
DR. LENS: “To cleanse, Glacier Foam because it’s slightly detoxifying. Then I would suggest Microbiota P3 to help rebalance the skin. After that, Tea Shot in the morning, and Melatonin B12 in the evening. To moisturise, Emulsion D in the morning and evening, but for those who prefer a richer moisturise, 3t Complex in the evening”.

Q: Is Tea Shot a good product to be using when we are exposed to all the elements again?
DR. LENS: “Yes, it contains five different types of tea which contain a high amount of potent polyphenols that exhibit a very strong antioxidant activity”.


Glacier Foam Renewing Cleanser

Microbiota P3 Balancing Mist

Melatonin B12 Advanced Repair Serum

Emulsion D Fortifying Moisturiser

3t Complex Anti-Ageing Cream

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